25 October 2006

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali one and all.

I've been busy cooking up a storm all of last week, sweets and the nominal savory, the odd dinner party, and of course our regular meals. All of it turned out wonderful. I unfortunately didn't get pics of all the yum grub I cooked at the Deepavali dinner party we hosted for a few friends. And by the time I realized that I'd forgotten, it was all gone! That is the best compliment I could ever hope for.

Here's the sweety-snacky spread I made up for the festival (clockwise from top left): Badam Halwa, Shankarpalis, Kaju-pista burfi and Kodubales.

My first thought was that I'd post it all in one big posting, but then decided to split it into smaller posts. Makes things easier that way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vidya,

You have got a nice blog.Can you please post the recipe of kaju pista burfi.It looks yummy.


Suresh - Random Stuff said...

Happy Diwali Vidya!

I like delicious foods, I get enjoy and feel taste when I read your blog and look at pictures. Keep it regular. Thanks