04 October 2006

Orthodox cooking...

.. no problem! Some random surfing and linking lead me to 'Cooking with Kurma'.

I suddenly developed this craving for some of that totally delicious, onion-and-garlic-free grub served at the ISKCON temple at Bangalore. And random linking led me to the site of Kurma Das, an Aussie chef , who's a member of the Hare Krishna movement. All said and done, one should really appreciate the sheer variety of dishes developed by the Hare Krishna chefs.

I once attended a wedding where the bride and groom were serious followers of the ISKCON movement. And that has to be one of the most delicious wedding meals I've ever eaten. The variety of food was amazing, and the creativity that went into the entire menu planning was the work of genius. I'll never forget one particular course of bhaturas served with mixed vegetable korma. That has to be among the best korma I've ever tasted. That too without onions or garlic.
Does anyone have any such recipes to share?? I'd really be grateful for some inputs!

Getting back to 'Cooking with Kurma', the site doesn't have too many recipes, but what's there is quite interesting. I think that menu planning link is interesting. I've already got some good ideas for menu combinations for my next party!


jenn said...

There are Hare Krsna cookbooks free on the web (do a Google search for "higher taste" cookbook for a good one) and you can also buy them at Krishna.com and other online stores. Kurma's first cookbook is online as well at Stephen Knapp's site (http://www.stephen-knapp.com/ and scroll down to vegetarian recipes and resources on the left column).

Cookbooks are also often available at Hare Krsna temples and preaching centers, usually very inexpensively (Higher Taste is usually around $2 or 3 US dollars). Enjoy!

Foodie's Hope said...

I had a cook book by Kurma Das,didn't like it much,donated it to the library!I recommend Veg. cooking by Yamuna Devi though!
I have Chole Bhatura in my blog,not kurma though!I have soups this weekend,check it out!:))