20 August 2007

It's official

.. that I ROCK!

A tells me that frequently. And now Pragyan of Cooking with Pragyan thinks I'm a Rocking Girl Blogger.

And in keeping with tradition, I hereforth pass it on to these lovely ladies. They and their blogs really do 'rock'. Read on to the chorus of "We will, we will Rock you......"

Mallika of From the Chaos
Madhu's One true thing
Preethy's Masala Sushi

And, Ladies, now that you rock too, pass it on to others who you think rock. I know that I do, so feel free to leave me out of that list.


Srivalli said...

Vidhya...congrats on rocking so well..


Suganya said...

Congrats! Yr family is adorable!

Tys on Ice said...

:) way to go woman!!!!

Asha said...
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Asha said...

Hi Vidya,I like the new look of blof,thought I came to a diff one!:))
Enjoy the award. Baby looks great, cute there!

Vani said...

Aawwwww! How cute are the kids, Vidya! I love the pic with the baby trying to bite it's toes! So adorable!
I just replied to your comment saying I wish I could see the kids and what a nice surprise to find them here! :) Give them both hugs from me.

Vidya said...

Thanks Srivalli and Suganya!
Tys, thanks!
Asha, I've been ,messing around with the template like crazy. I'm on a teach myself HTML and CSS binge. so the blog changes fairly freqently!
Vani! thanks a lot.... will give them a hug!

Preethy said...

Vidya...thanks for this 'honour' ...feel an Oscar speech coming up...!!
That you rock is evident from how I've been dreaming of blog rolling you one day. Once I figure out how.I am technology's forgotten child and am still coming to terms with the word 'blog roll' itself!
The other blogs on the list do rock must say - on my 'dream' blog roll list too definitely!

Meanwhile feel free to drop by my blog and hand me some evolved tips on how to and all that...

look forward to next Lost in webspace post..

Taz Snow said...

Hey, thanks Babes! Go read the speech I wrote after you grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and shook me! :oD

Rachna said...

congratulations!!! i can see from your blog that you are rocking

Vidya said...

Preethy, Taz... remeber to pass it on!

Thanks Rachna, thanks a lot :D

Preethy said...

I wish I knew how! how how..? (to pass on etc) drop me a mail to let me in into all that technology mumbo jumbo - if you are upto it.I'm telling ya I am what you may call seriously 'challenged' and beyond redemption when it comes to all this. cheers!

Pragyan said...

Hi Vidya, Your children look so cute. Btw, last week you had asked for vegeterian version of Steamed Prawns in Mustard Sauce. I prepared the same with Paneer this week. Check it out!